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Written by Arden Wine   
Friday, 09 May 2008



Arden's back, Sugarplums...

All surviving Guildies are urged to sign the appropriate thread in the forum entitled: Life After WAR.

This is to establish a role call of FBR members who are left on Stormrage.




Free Beer Republic Under New Management
Written by Steve Pare   
Sunday, 04 May 2008

Since Gekris Has been MIA for the Past month and The Guild has lost Its way I have been elected Leader of Free Beer Republic for the time being and I plan on Rebuilding the Guild with the help from Loyal Members of FBR and My Vice President Onomayliya. We plan on recruiting heavily and Having Cabinet Elections when we gain enough members.

This Guild Needs Leadership and I intend to give it that leadership.

Thank You

Your New President


Some Thing New
Written by Your Dictator Gekris   
Tuesday, 05 February 2008

The Scenario:

The EST People (east Coasters) Please contact Malorde to build a Kara Team For est coast times.The PST People (west Coasters) have been running for a few months now, and have been trying to accommodate a lot of different people in there runs to help everyone get gear.

The Challenge:

Can the Lazzy assed East Coasters get it together enough to challenge the West Coast teams for supremacy in guild Raiding runs?  -- Ma'Lorde believes they can......

The Stakes:

Bragging rights... , you may previously tease your rival kara teams... on who can clear what.....  I'm sure there will be some side betting going on.......  



PS: Please contact me if you want signups enabled for your teams. Tell me days and Times and I will set them up.